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Oil Change

There is a wide variety of oils available for your car, but when it's time to change the oil in any make or model no matter what type you drive. You'll be glad that there are only a few simple steps needed!

Some people might think they can save money by changing their own filters at home with special tools instead buying them from an auto parts store; however this isn't always true as some cars require certain types depending on who made them and how old they were manufactured which means sometimes even if one has all appropriate equipment it still won’t work because something else about these vehicles requires specific fluids too - like diesel versus gasoline powered engines (oil).

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When you go for an oil change, the technician will:

The technician will change your vehicle's motor oil and recommend a type of fresh, replacement fluid. They'll also replace any used filters (like air or cabin) as well top up on fluids like coolant that may have been low recently due to you driving with windows open in hot weather!

Why oil is important? And Why oil breaks down?

Oil, the lifeblood of any engine is crucial. Over time it starts to break down and become thick with contaminants which can no longer be pumped around internal components leading eventually to wear out or seizure up!

Why does this happen? Well for starters oil becomes less effective as you continue using your car; heat will make it thicker so even common driving conditions like parking in hot sunlight has an impact on how well our engines function over long periods diagnostics.

Moisture also plays tricks on us since water mops-up some deposits but then leaves behind more harmful film when evaporates back into gas form adding another layer before finally encrustation sets in at certain high temperatures (think outside).

And lastly there's always air pressure fluctuations that our engines are subject to that can lead to tiny minute particles of dirt being trapped inside.

What parts are used in pumping oil around the engine?

The oil pan is where the engine pumps up and down, it has an Oil Pump for moving this precious liquid around. The best way to think of them as two parts that work together like one unit- they not only provide pressure but also supply filtering systems which keep your car running smoothly by catching anything harmful in there before its too late!

The Engine uses many different components such as those listed above; however without some key doohickeys (you can’t change your oil without a drain plug, a drain pan and a flat-head screwdriver) it’s hard to go anywhere or start this car up.

Car running like its flying after Oil changed with some litle touch by mobile mechanic Sacramento
  • Save Money & Learn About Your Vehicle at the Same Time!

    Call Mobile Mechanics of Sacramento! We are ASE certified

How to Check Your Auto Mobile Oil Yourself?

It's easy to check your car's oil level. You just need basic tools and the right size oil pan.

First, look for an engine knock or harsh idling - this would indicate that you need to buy some more oil before anything else.

Second, start your vehicle and let it idle until the temperature needle falls into place on the gauge.

Third, park your vehicle on a level surface where there is good light to see clearly into the engine bay (a workbench is usually best).

Fourth, find any kind of container with enough room in it empty out all but about four ounces of fluid from your car's sump (being careful not to spill) by turning off both engine valves (one on the top, the other on the bottom of the engine block).

Fifth, use your flat-head screwdriver to unscrew and remove your drain plug (located at the very bottom of the oil pan) without losing any of this draining fluid into an oil pan or onto your driveway.

Sixth, let all of that oil out and replace it with new, clean oil - the same type as you usually use.

Lastly, screw your drain plug back in place and check your oil indicator to see whether it’s between the ideal levels (it should be around full).